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Soft Tissue Myofascial Release Massage

Myofascial Release is a form of massage therapy that is effective at treating painful joints and normal restoring motion to the back, neck, shoulders, arms and legs. Unlike other types of massage therapy, the success rate of myofascial massage is very high. The ability to release tight or contracted muscles can relieve pain and soothe aches in a matter of hours. Developing a strong relationship between therapist and client is empowering and enriching and can help with future sessions.

Millie Jones is the Resplendent Day Spa resident myofascial therapy expert. Mille has been pursuing massage as a pastime since her junior year of high school when she met two new counselors who came to her church youth group in Long Beach, CA. During this time, Mille learned various massage therapy techniques, but advanced her knowledge in massage, in particular with soft tissue myofascial release. Mille expanded her knowedlge in myofascial massage by studying with John Barnes, one of the original creators of myofascial treatments.

Long Beach Myofascial Release
Joint and muscle restrictions can cause radiating pain throughout the body and it can be difficult to get an accurate diagnosis with certain imaging tests. Myofascial release is used to massage skin and muscle tissue, which can help with a variety of ailments including headaches, whiplash, sporting injuries, work-related pain, carpal tunnel and arthritic issues.

Treatment is performed directly on skin without the use of oils or mechanical devices. A light massage is initially performed to warm and loosen muscles. The hands-on approach allows the trained therapist to pinpoint affected areas and apply appropriate pressure to facilitate myofascial release. Light to moderate traction and kneading or twisting strokes are used to unblock, stretch and loosen restricted fascia and muscle. Stretches are typically maintained for two minutes and often repeated until the muscle is completely released. Clients may be instructed to take deep breaths to facilitate muscle relaxation.

Myofascial treatments can sometimes be ordered by doctors to help with pain and rehabilitation. When combined with rehabilitation the muscles or injured area can recover much faster than with just regular rehab and rest.

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Our myofascial treatments are typically 60 and 90 minutes. While our clients may notice immediate benefits, some individuals notice pain or soreness that persists for a day or two before they start to feel varying effects of relief. Soreness can be caused by the sudden release of toxins in the joints and muscles that were trapped in the contracted area. It's can be very helpful to drink plenty of water within a 24-hour period after the massage. If you're looking for further ways to improve treatment with myofascial massage an individual can sit for 15-20 minutes in a sauna or steam room before this therapy to help loosen muscles.

For more information about how Millie Jones and Resplendent Day Spa can assist you with Myofascial Release, you can contact us at 562-685-8120 or visit our Contact page.

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