Enjoy a refreshed, more defined look without surgery or downtime!

We’ve all been there: Looking in the mirror and wondering how or when that wrinkle appeared, wondering why the laugh lines are so pronounced today, or why the crow’s feet seem to have left a bigger footprint in recent weeks. Luckily for you, we have options! With non-surgical, minimally-invasive skin tightening treatments, we can help restore your skin’s firmness and youthfulness, right here in Los Angeles.  

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At Resplendent Day Spa, we are proud to offer two amazing solutions for our Los Angeles, Long Beach, and SoCal clients who want a non-surgical option for tightening and renewing facial skin.

InMode Morpheus8 Face

Tighten and Contour Skin Naturally

Contouring | Resurfacing | Tightening

The InMode Morpheus8 technology suite is an award-winning radiofrequency and microneedling platform for tightening and resurfacing the skin. This state-of-the-art approach uses a combination of microneedling perforation and radiofrequency (RF) energy to engage the body’s natural healing properties and refresh aging skin for a more youthful look.

Morpheus8 Face is a revolutionary facial contouring treatment that combines this same microneedling with radiofrequency technology to rejuvenate and tighten skin on the face and neck. This non-invasive treatment targets deep layers of the skin to stimulate collagen production and improve the face’s overall appearance. 

The microneedling portion of the treatment involves using fine needles to create tiny perforations in the skin. These perforations help to stimulate collagen production and improve the skin’s texture and tone. Radiofrequency energy is then delivered through the needles to stimulate collagen production further and tighten the skin.

Morpheus8 Face is highly effective in treating a variety of skin concerns, including acne scars, fine lines and wrinkles, loose or sagging skin, and uneven skin tone. We’re excited to offer this life-changing treatment to our clients all over Southern California!

Resplendent Day Spa is a certified practitioner of InMode Morpheus8 skin tightening treatment in Los Angeles, California.

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InMode Morpheus8 Face

We will use the provider-recommend numbing protocol during the treatment to ensure there is minimal to no discomfort.

There is a little bit of redness and possibly some swelling, but nothing that will prohibit you from your daily activities. Some patients who receive the treatment on their face may want to take a weekend off.

Depending on the area, Morpheus8 typically takes 30-60 minutes after 45 minutes of numbing.

We typically recommend a series of three treatments spaced one month apart, but most people notice results after one treatment. We will customize the number of treatments for you!

Results will start to appear as early as a week after your first treatment and continue to improve for months as your skin heals and new collagen is formed.

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InMode Evoke

Non-invasive Facial Contouring

No Downtime | No Surgery | Natural Results

The InMode Evoke treatment is a ground-breaking, totally non-surgical treatment available for the first time at our Long Beach day spa! This device uses radiofrequency (RF) energy to heat the skin and underlying dermal layers to a precise temperature causing an increase in collagen production.

This treatment is performed using a hands-free device that delivers radiofrequency energy to heat the deepest layers of the skin to tighten and improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, sagging skin, and uneven skin tone. The Evoke technology has been specially designed to improve the look of the chin, cheeks, and jowls.

InMode Evoke is a non-invasive facial contouring treatment that can tighten and lift the skin naturally. Imagine loving every photo of yourself at the beach this summer—without the pain and downtime of a traditional facelift! That’s what we promise you with innovative and clinically-proven skin tightening procedures.  

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InMode Evoke

Evoke treatments are very comfortable. During your treatment, you can expect skin warming, similar to the warmth of a facial. It is a quick and painless treatment that can be done over your lunch break!

There is absolutely no recovery period or downtime associated with Evoke.

Treatments are usually 15-20 minutes.

Usually, 3-6 treatments, once per week, but we’ll recommend the optimal number of sessions to be performed based on your personal objectives.

You will begin to see gradual improvements in the treatment area following your first few sessions.

You’re wondering if skin tightening can really firm your skin without surgery? Check out the benefits we deliver to our clients in Southern California daily through the latest innovations in non-surgical skin treatments.

  • Helps reduce visible signs of aging: The skin tightening treatments we use in our Los Angeles location specifically target the deeper layers of the skin that are responsible for collagen production. The body’s natural ability to produce collagen gets triggered by these procedures aids in cell regeneration. This makes your skin look plumper, reducing the visible signs of deep folds and wrinkles.
  • Give your skin a natural lift: Now you do not require a facelift to pull back your skin and make it look firmer! The non-surgical procedures available at our Los Angeles-based center use radiofrequency (RF) energy and microneedling, to heat the skin’s surface and cause the muscles to contract. This helps tighten the skin and gives it a natural lift. This also renders more definition to your facial features.
  • No surgery, no downtime: One of the biggest advantages of undergoing our skin tightening treatments is you do not need to get under the knife. The procedures are minimally invasive and therefore, these are less painful and much safer as compared to surgery. More importantly, there is no downtime required. You can return to your normal activities almost immediately after the procedure.
  • Get more natural results: Non-surgical skin tightening procedures do not stretch your skin unnaturally. Rather, they trigger the body’s natural healing and rejuvenation process, giving your more natural-looking, firmer, and toned skin. You can see visible results within 2-6 months/ Following up regularly can you help you maintain the results for several years.

Am I the Right Candidate for Skin Tightening?

Are you not happy with how your skin looks and feels? Consult our team who will work closely with you to determine if you are the right candidate for our skin tightening procedures. Each procedure is done with utmost precision to deliver long-lasting and effective results. It’s time to flaunt the Kim Kardashian look across Los Angeles! We recommend the procedure under the following conditions:

  • You have had surgery, leaving behind skin that is saggy and lacks suppleness
  • You want to enhance your overall skin quality, tone, and texture
  • The skin on your body, face or neck is mild to moderately loose and lacks firmness
  • You are looking for non-surgical, minimally-invasive skin tightening to lift, tighten, and replenish your skin

Stay Youthful, Firm, and Beautiful Always!

Thanks to our varied line of tailored skin tightening treatments, staying youthful, radiant, and beautiful is no longer a myth! At Resplendent Day Spa, Yvonne Tuchscher and her expert team will help defy the aftermath of aging and render glowing, firmer, and younger-looking skin. Book our non-surgical skin tightening treatments in Long Beach just south of Los Angeles, California to get rid of loose skin minus the downtime and cost of surgery.